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What you should know!

All this info is in more detail below, but here's a quick summary if you don't feel like scrolling.

Prices: all charted here at the bottom of the page.


9am (for full days/weeks), 9am or 11:45am (for applicable half days/weeks)


2:30pm (for full days/weeks), 11:45am or 2:30pm (for applicable half days/weeks)

Exact pickup/dropoff address:

2100 Ocean Front Walk, Venice, CA 90291. North side of the Venice Lot.
  • please meet us by our vehicle (VW bus or big red utility pickup, each say Badass Surf School on them)
  • we will have two marked tents on the beach close by! 

Beach Location:

Adjacent to Lifeguard Tower 19
  • handy to know in case you're running late
  • find a pin on the map below on this webpage!

What's Included:

All surf gear; boards, wetsuits, leashes. Zinc/ sunscreen. Plenty of shade under our tents, snacks.

What to Bring:

Lunch, towel, bathing suit (or something tight to wear underneath wetsuit) full + cold reusable water bottle, hat or bucket hat (optional but recommended).

What we do at camp:

surf (duh), swim, play sports, playground games, beach activities, art, ocean education & safety, etc. Find more in the next section--we are plenty imaginative!

Why Surf Camp LA for your kid's summer camp?

Venice Beach Ages 4-17

BASS Founder Jake McNulty here. I am a surf therapist for A Walk On Water, Life Rolls On, Pure Stoke, and The Jimmy Miller Foundation. I am also a high school surf coach at local Pacifica High School in Santa Monica; I coach kids each year under the guidance of the Positive Coaching Alliance. At this summer surf camp, I am not just a typical instructor.

At my summer surf camp in 2024, your child is getting more than a conglomerate cookie-cutter experience. With 12 years experience teaching, coaching, and healing, you are getting the best from my teammates and me that you'll find at any summer camp at the beach, period.


We are not some day care like other summer surf camps at the beach. Surf Camp Los Angeles put surf education FIRST, preparing your child for the real deal.

With this in mind, we came up with the perfect, fun, and loose structure for our summer surf camp.

Perfect Structure? Elaborate.

Surf Camp LA =  surf coaching + surf therapy. Plus tons of extras. That's it!

Surf Coaching: What we do for adult surfers, we also do for kids, because we know children are smart and capable. This is the main aspect of our equation that separates our surf school's camp from our competitors. We're a surf SCHOOL. Ocean education is at the top of our platform for kids—we want each person prepared and passionate to take on this sport for life, no matter what age.

Surf Therapy: One of the greatest strengths at Surf Camp LA is the experience we have teaching surfers with unique needs. We have developed extra patience, love, compassion, and care that you won't see at other camps. We go at your child's pace, encourage them at every step, and even when they struggle, become their biggest cheerleaders while they take on the challenges of surfing head-on.

Our summer surf camp approach? It's just different.

We develop personal relationships at our beach camp first. We discover your child's abilities, learn their inhibitions, and coach them up to THEIR fun, unique style of surfing.

We met Jake at a special needs surf day through A Walk On Water. He spent about an hour on the waves with my daughter. She loved every moment of it! We are so grateful for experiences like that. It's rare to find someone so in tune to her needs and unique way of doing things, but he just rolled with whatever she needed to make that a very memorable and enjoyable time. Now she really wants to do a longer camp with her new favorite surf instructor!

- Michele M.

Such a great day. My daughter said it was her best camp ever! The instructors were amazing and it was smiles and fun all day. Thanks so much Jake, we'll be back!

- Mary P.

Five stars hands down!

Jake and Beckett were amazing! This is not our first surf school for the kids, and I must say: what a difference these guys make! First of all the approach is totally different: besides technical it incorporates nature in the teachings and the knowledge of how to read the waves, what to do when you wipe out, how to read currents, weather, what to anticipate, how to be prepared for the unexpected, and the complete awareness of your surroundings including other surfers just to mention a few! As I mentioned before, kids were enrolled in other surf school last summer, but the difference in their skills was monumental after just a few first lessons with Jake.

He has an amazing ability to connect with the kids, making it easy to understand the technical aspects, overcome their fears and most of all he makes it fun!

We are very grateful and looking forward to the next season!

- Kevin L.

We had an amazing experience doing the surf camp this year. Most surf camps are mostly daycare at the beach, but in one week my daughter went from not surfing at all to paddling out and catching waves all on her own! I was so happy with our experience and we will definitely be going back next summer!

- Stacey P.

My 10 year old son had the best time at surf camp with Jake and Pablo. Over three days he went from never having surfed in his life to being an enthusiastic surfer dude. He can't wait to go back for more next year. Jake and Pablo were absolutely great with him, keeping him motivated to keep going while making sure he had lots of fun. He even got in some skateboarding time with Pablo between surfing.

We'll be back for sure!

- Martina H.

Five-star experience at Badass Surf School! Jake and his team went above and beyond to ensure an incredible time for me and my kids. Their communication was impeccable from the get-go, making us feel informed and at ease.

Safety was their top priority, and it showed in every aspect of our sessions. When the swells got pretty big one day, Jake smartly adjusted the plan without compromising the fun. His expertise and understanding of our needs ensured we still had a blast while staying safe--an impressive feat!

What truly stands out is the fantastic environment they create. It's an absolute joy to learn from such a knowledgeable and fun-loving team. Jake's ability to balance safety with keeping spirits high is commendable.

Living nearby, we feel fortunate to have found Badass Surf School. We're thrilled to become regulars, knowing that we're in the hands of a team that's truly all-world. Highly recommended for anyone seeking top-notch surf lessons with a focus on safety and enjoyment!"

- Joshua S.

Our summer camp gives power to kids through surfing. We stride to foster inquisitive, curious, imaginative, creative, logical, vulnerable, proud, and self-assured children, who learn to just love this damn sport.

And of course, "tons of extras!"

Besides with surfing, your child's favorite activities are just as important; we are a summer camp, too! We have countless games, sports, and activities ready to go, and so many(!) to make sure we've got your kiddo's favorite things at the beach covered. Just in case you didn't see them on the about page, here they are again!

Boogie boarding, countless sports, like wiffle ball, hand-beach basketball, ultimate frisbee, spikeball, kickball, touch football, beach soccer, bowling, sports we make up together with a beach ball, freeze tag, relay races, beach board games, trivia contests, pickleball tournament, card five-minute-best-sandcastle contests, making reels, musical towels, beach legos, beach cleanups, floating surfboard bridge on smaller surf days, scavenger hunts, pretend adventure world with toys for the smaller kids, beach tug-o-war, watercolor painting in the shade, surfboard wax art, and more.


Our summer surf camp at Venice Beach will get your child EXCITED about surfing. For. Life.

BASS instructors and are all certified by the ISA, LACO Lifeguards, or another similarly respected organization to make sure your child is not only safe, but learning how to grow into a real, talented surfer. And not just that, their personalities are perfect for being mentors for your child. I promise your grom will have fun, develop love and respect for the ocean, and seriously learn the steps to ripping on a board at Surf Camp LA!

Close to LACO Lifeguard
Tower #19 @ Venice Beach

Here's Where We're At for Camp!

Right at the end of Venice Blvd, between the Venice Fishing Pier and the Breakwater! Close to LACO Lifeguard Tower #19

Have questions? Contact Us.

Here are some FYI's

Some additional helpful bites about how we run BASS Surf Camp that might help you choose us this summer.
We have truly crafter the art of teaching surf students how to read waves. The same will go for our groms at this summer surf camp!
We provide meaningful things outside of surfing: resiliency, creativity, communication skills, friendships, role models, environmental consciousness, and more.
Professional photography + videography are taken frequently, so you're bound to get some goodies and memories.
Healthy and nutritious snacks are available at our surf camp throughout the day, every day, so your child will never go hungry.
A little added bonus; we love our beaches! So to show that, our surf camp will use no single use plastic. Ever.

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Surf Camp LA: Times

Have questions? Contact Us.

Full Weeks
M:F, 9am-2:30pm

Full Days
M-F, 9am-2:30pm

Week of Half Days
M-F, all 9am-11:45am or all 11:45am-2:30pm

Half Days
M-F, 9am-11:45am or 11:45am-2:30pm

*note: we can be flexible on pickup & dropoff times with notice!

Included & Customized Gear

Surfboards, wetties, rashguards, leashes provided. The only surf school to custom-shape our boards!

American Red Cross-Certified

All staff CPR + first-aid. Our #1 job? To keep you safe! We also never operate without liability insurance.

Ocean & Climate Conscious

Our camp goers are educated while the fun goes on with guest speakers, daily lesson plans, etc.

3:1 Surfer-Instructor Ratios

We use as many instructors as necessary, sometimes even 1:1 or 2:1.

Lifeguards Always on Duty

We know the LACO guards personally, and we never teach without them on site. 

Flexible Calendar

We offer half-day, full day, weekly, and a number of other packages that fit your busy schedule.

BASS Price Guide

Call us; we will price match any surf camp!

We are a permitted surf school 

All surf camp prices include required fees and surcharges (20% all gross) we pay to the city of Los Angeles as per our 2024 summer camp use permit.

Quality snacks daily, and lunches on the days we provide, are also included.

AWOW carter
Per Full Day
the math: 125x + 50
X = # of Surfers
Per Full Week
the math: 400x + 200
X = # of Surfers
Week of Half Days
the math: 250x + 175
X = # of Surfers
Per Half Day
the math: 100x + 25
X = # of Surfers
Please call and ask about bundling multiple consecutive days and weeks, every full Monday all summer, half days every Monday-Wednesday, etc. Please also call if money is an issue, or if you hate math! (hahaha)

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