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Real. Surf. Education.

Here are some of the many groups not only we work with, but we sincerely have to thank for helping us become the type of teachers and human beings we are today. Being real surf educators was not something I or any instructor at BASS could ever accomplish alone.

Pacifica High School Surf Team

I have been the head coach for the surf team at Pacifica High School for three years now, and some of the most fun I have as a surf instructor. Some of the kids I've gotten to know are becoming parts of my own surf community before my very own eyes.

This past year in 2023, our team competed in both shortboarding and longboarding heats, even going as far as reaching a final heat in each category at the SSS Emma Wood and Carpinteria high-school tourneys. We qualified for our first State Championship heats this year, too!

My greatest goal with these blooming young men and women is to mold them into humble, respectful, and giving members of the surf community here in Los Angeles. Our program continues to grow along with them—and BASS—in the LA County surf world. 

My coaching experience continues to with many thanks to the Positive Coaching Alliance, directors from the Scholastic Surf Series, and Pacifica High School. 


The VSA (Venice Surfing Association)

Badass Surf School is a proud member of the Venice Surfing Association.

The VSA gives back to the surf community by running surf contests, leading regular beach cleanups, donating to causes and natural disasters, and building the relationships within our local surf community as a whole.

How BASS helps the VSA

  • We keep our groms that we coach healthy participants in every VSA contest—and have since their conception.
  • We do photography and videography from the beach from their events, and capture footage both in and out of the water during contests
  • We show up regularly to their beach cleanups, especially after storms when beaches need it most
  • We donate lessons into gift packages for many of their contest and event giveaways
  • We show up and support, and will always do so for the VSA <3

Positive Coaching Alliance

A catalyst for a positive youth sports culture, Positive Coaching Alliance provides research-based training and resources for coaches, parents, athletes, and leaders to ensure a positive youth development experience for ALL kids, in all communities across the U.S., through sports.

We have taken their philosophies and added them to our tools to teach surfing.

The PCA has made a difference in how we view our students in terms of pathos. A happy, comfortable student making small strides to be proud of is the student that finds flow state fastest and learns best.

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