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Here are our policies for rescheduling, cancellation, lateness, and bad weather/water quality. These are some of the less fun things to discuss when talking about booking a lesson appointment, camp session, etc. but they're certainly necessary to protect you, the students and loved ones, and us, the instructors and water safety.


All rescheduling must be to a definite day and time; BASS does not offer indefinite or TBD rescheduling.

Four or more days before your activity, you may reschedule free of charge for groups of one, two, three, or four. Groups of five or more may be subject to a reschedule fee outside this window. Any rescheduled activities may not be cancelled within any window of rescheduling.

Between 1-3 calendar days before your activity, you may elect to reschedule to a later time or date (subject to availability) for a $50 fee (or $100 for a group of more than four surfers). We respect our instructors' time; this fee goes directly to those instructors that are already scheduled within this window.

We do not reschedule lessons or activities within one calendar day of schedule.

For Surf Camp LA, activity subject to reschedule includes the entire week, half-day bundle, etc. as originally booked and may be subject to other fees.


Four or more days before your activity, you may cancel for a $50 fee for groups of one or two, and $100 for groups of three and four. For groups of five or more, we charge 50% of your paid lesson total to properly pay out multiple instructors, water safety crew, etc. for their scheduled time.

We do not cancel lessons or activities within three calendar days of schedule, except due to extreme weather or water quality. Please see Weather section for details. You may reschedule to a specific time and date between 1-3 days before reschedule with proper notice to and confirmation from BASS. Please see Rescheduling section for details.

For Surf Camp LA, cancelled individual half-days, days, or weeks may not be cancelled, only rescheduled as per Rescheduling policy above.


You are responsible for arriving to the exact lesson location regardless of traffic, parking, or other unforeseen circumstances. Instructors who may be free are suddenly scheduled for lessons all the time while they may be in the water with you; if you are scheduled for an 8am lesson, and show up at 8:05, your lesson will still be over at 10am.

If you arrive more than 30 minutes late to any lesson, BASS or its instructors may deem you cancel your lesson outright with no rescheduling or refund.

If you are late, please do your best to commumicate with us so we can possibly expend your lesson (but no guarantees whatsoever).


We teach rain or shine, so long as both LACO Lifeguards and Badass Surf School say it’s 100% safe to surf. We only cancel due to extreme weather or water quality - (which is defined as too extreme and unsafe to surf in as deemed by BOTH BASS & LACO).

For times when ocean conditions and/or water quality are unsafe to enter as deemed by both LACO Lifeguards and Badass Surf School, we offer free rescheduling and cancellation within any window before your lesson only due to extreme weather. Just any form of rain, clouds, wind, cold, etc. not deemed unsafe by LACO or BASS do not count as extreme weather and do not subject lessons or activities to rescheduling or cancellation.


If any part of your lesson is subject to a refund because of early enough rescheduling, cancellation, or extreme weather, your refund will take approximately 5-7 business days to process if you have paid with a credit or bank card. Any additional fees you may have paid in addition to full costs of activities may not be refundable.


Rescheduling: outside 3 days—free. Between 1-3 days—$50 (or $100 for 5+ surfers). Within 1 day—no.

Cancellation: outside 3 days—$50 (1-2 surfers), $100 (3-4 surfers), 50% (5+ surfers). Between 1-3 days—no but can reschedule. Within 1 day—no.

Lateness: your responsibility. End time is always the same. 30+ minutes late = lesson subject to cancel.

Weather: opens up rescheduling or cancelling, but it's gotta be bad enough according to both LACO Lifeguards and BASS.

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